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Vermiculite dispersions are used in heat and fire resistant coatings, as well as barrier and binder applications

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Vermiculite concentrate beneficiation plant

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Vermiculite circular shapes for use with ceramic cooker hobs

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Tomato plant seedlings being raised in vermiculite

Vermiculite is a unique, naturally occurring, inert laminar mineral that finds use in many construction, industrial, home, agricultural and garden products and systems.

Chemically a hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate, vermiculite exfoliates (expands) when heated to form a ultra lightweight aggregate. This product is non-combustible, compressible, highly absorbent, nonreactive and it may also have high cation exchange capacity.

Vermiculite is one of the safest and most unique minerals in the world. Readily available vermiculite is available in a number of different size fractions and in chemical dispersions.