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Tomato plant seedlings being raised in vermiculite

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Vermiculite concentrate beneficiation plant

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Vermiculite circular shapes for use with ceramic cooker hobs

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Vermiculite dispersions are used in heat and fire resistant coatings, as well as barrier and binder applications

TVA Announces Best Practices Program

The Vermiculite Association is pleased to announce our new Best Practices Program for Asbestos Detection and Control Protocol: Vermiculite Mining and Milling! If you have a vermiculite mining operation you are going to want to participate in this program.


Collaborating to promote vermiculite.
Encouraging and promoting best practices.
Dedicated to safety, integrity and honesty.

Vermiculite is one of the world’s most versatile minerals. It has a wide range of uses in construction, horticulture and gardening products, industrial applications and motor vehicles.

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